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The Biggest Opportunity for Accessory Upsells: Better Protective Cases

The most recent research related to mobile phone users purchasing protective cases is staggering – more than 75% of smartphone users buy a case. For the ones that don’t purchase; however, there are some specific things holding them back. Addressing some of these key challenges can help wireless retail locations optimize their sales and improve profitability.

For many smartphone users, purchasing a case is an essential way to protect your investment. The mentality around the purchase changes dramatically, however, depending on what type of phone the consumer is purchasing. Of those who don’t use a protective case, nearly 70% are Android owners while only 20% are iPhone users (NPD).

According to Ben Arnold of NPD, there are “differences in the protection motivations of owners. For instance, 27% of iPhone owners classify themselves as ‘quality protectors,’ those who seek the absolute maximum level of protection from a smartphone case, while just 13% of Android owners classify themselves as such.”

This motivation makes the purchase value – not the price – more important. Average attachment rates with iPhone purchases are typically 87% while just 66% of Android users will purchase a corresponding case. Likewise, iPhone users are more likely to have more than one case throughout the lifespan of the device – with 49% of the survey respondents reporting having had more than one case for their phone.

When it comes to WHY those who don’t use cases chose to risk it all and go for broke, the primary reasons tend to be aesthetic. 37% of Android users and 57% of iPhone users who don’t use a case reported the bulk of cases or the look of the phone itself to be a major factor in the decision not to purchase a case. In contrast, less than 20% of users reported the price of cases to be a reason not to use one.

NPD Survey of Smartphone Owners

For wireless retailers, this can mean big opportunity in carrying more lightweight, transparent case options that offer great protection, good value, and less bulk or aesthetic changes to the phone itself.

It’s because of this need that we at BeyondBlu have put such an effort and investment into the RapidCut system and ClearCoat lines. It offers clear protection options that aren’t bulky so as not to dramatically affect the aesthetics of the device itself with all the benefits of lifetime warranties and ultimate protection. Moreover, products like ClearCoat and RapidCut are installed in store in just seconds, offering a higher margin for the retailer and a great value for the consumer.

As these trends continue in wireless retail, adapting to the consumers’ needs will be paramount for retailers looking for new opportunities for growth.

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