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Driving Performance in Wireless Retail Stores
BeyondBlu Wireless

Your Partner in Wireless Retail Performance

We are committed to helping wireless retail owners with one or one-hundred locations to optimize performance by improving profit, cash flow, and sales.


We work with single- and multiple-location wireless retail owners, online wireless retailers or etailers, and phone repair companies who are seeking new ways to increase their sales, manage cash flow, reduce loss and theft, and increase profitability. Many of our clients come from additional verticals such as device rental companies, educational institutions, and large corporations focused on protecting their investment in mobile and cellular devices.


We support wireless retailers to enhance profitability, sales, and cash flow. We streamline inventory management, improve training, and drive company performance. In addition, we work with corporations and educational institutions, repair service providers, and other companies that purchase and manage multiple devices to streamline their purchasing and management of device protection.


Our wireless retail customers have realized dramatic results including record-breaking accessory sales months. Some specific results including 35% increases in sales, increases in profitability, decreases in loss and theft of products, and improvement in attachment rates for each customer. While the results vary by location, we work with each client to create goals that fit their needs and work to meet those goals each month.

Our Story

Our History

BeyondBlu Wireless was founded in 2002 as cell phones were becoming commonplace and accessories were the thing to have. Bluetooth was in its infancy and most companies weren’t offering or buying into the new technology. We recognized the potential of this technology and the need for it in the marketplace and set out to fill the void.

Over time, as the market became more competitive and wireless retailers faced new challenges, we changed our strategy to focus on a more strategic approach to wireless accessory wholesale services. In addition to incorporating more innovative products into our selection, we’ve also created a more supportive and comprehensive approach to support.

Today, BeyondBlu Wireless still provides the highest quality Bluetooth accessories along with a range of additional wireless accessories including screen protection, cases and full device protection, on-demand protection printing, and so much more. Beyond the products, we offer our wireless retail partners a range of resources to drive profitability, improve sales, and increase customer loyalty.

We pride ourselves on distributing a diverse selection of products so that every consumer can find something to fit their specific needs. We have partnerships with all of the big names in the industry use our vast knowledge and experience with Bluetooth technology to provide our customers with the products and information that they want in a consumer-friendly environment.


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